East Cornwall Divers has an active training programme.

Whether you’d like to learn to dive (or even just snorkel!) for the first time, or are an existing qualified diver looking to further develop your skills, we’re keen to help!

Classroom 2

If you have previously trained with another organisation (such as PADI, SAA, SDI, SSAC, GUE to name but a few) you’re welcome to join our club and dive within the limits your existing qualifications. Should you wish to continue training with BSAC, you can ‘cross over’ to an equivalent qualification within the BSAC structure and begin training towards the next BSAC diver grade.

Training 4

In addition to the core Diver Training Programme, we also run BSAC Skill Development Courses, and can arrange to run some RYA courses in conjunction with the TMSC.