LOCATION 50°.20.105N 004°.29.760W
DEPTH Wreck at 8M
LEVEL Ocean Diver
SLACK Can be dived at any state of the tide

There are three wrecks in Talland Bay, which are worth diving, especially as a second dive. They are the Margarita, the Tregothic and finally the Ester.

Talland Bay is an area just to the west of Looe and is easily reached by RIB from Downderry or Looe in under half an hour. The sweep of the bay holds the remains of three vessels. The first is a 220 ton steam trawler called the Margarita, she ran ashore on the 3rd May 1922 and her boilers can still be seen in the shallows. The other two wrecks are a lot harder to find. The Austrian brig Ester struck the shore in an easterly gale in March 1885 and disintegrated, as did the Tregothick, an outward bound West Indiaman who ran ashore on January 10, 1786. Captain Elder, his son and eleven seamen died.