LOCATION 50º17.092’N 003º58.119’W
LEVEL Sports Diver
SLACK Can be dived at any state of Tide.

The Persier (originally the War Buffalo, built in 1918) was sunk in February 1945, when, travelling as part of a convoy, a torpedo struck on her port side. The vessel eventually grounded and sank in 27-28m water. The wreck was later purchased by Plymouth Sound dive club.

Located between Plymouth and Salcombe, the Persier can be dived almost anytime, with little current. The vessel is pretty much intact with big boilers and until a few years ago, a large propshaft tunnel that you could swim through – though this has now collapsed. However, it is worth following the propshaft along as you will find the rudder and steering quadrant standing up out of the sand.Conger eels can often be found at the stern, and deck plates are covered in Plumose Anemone, Dead Men’s Fingers and many Sea Fans.

The wreck has two large boilers which make the site easy to find by echo sounder, and are a good navigation point  – especially if the shot has been dropped nearby!

This is a perfect wreck to dive with 32% Nitrox and get a nice long dive – as there is plenty of wreckage to explore.