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LOCATION 50º.15.099N 04º.14.195W
DEPTH 53M to seabed
LEVEL Advanced Diver
SLACK 3 Hours after HW Devonport

The Medoc is a deep wreck at some 53M to the bottom and quite difficult to find. She is upright and covered in fishing tackle as she is a favourite with the fishing charters.

The Allies commandeered the French cargo carrier the Medoc. At 273 feet long, 34 feet wide with a displacement of 1.166 tons, the Medoc was loaded with ammunition, mostly 3.5 shell cases and cordite. She approached the vicinity of the Eddystone on the afternoon of 26 November 1940. A lookout spotted an aircraft coming towards the ship but mistakenly decided that it was friendly. The plane opened fire and raked the Medoc with machine gun fire. On the second attack it flew towards the Medoc it rattled off a couple of bursts with its machineguns and then dropped a torpedo with devastating effect. The Medoc sank so quickly, that all thirty nine of her crew perished with her.