LOCATION 180M Offshore, 90M west of slipway
LEVEL Ocean Diver
SLACK Can be dived at any state of the tide

The wreck of the Gipsy can be found just off of Downderry in about 7M of water. This is an ideal second dive, it can also be easily reached from the shore.

The Gipsy of Nantes, formally known as the Rodney was built in 1874. she struck the rocks off Downderry beach on December 7th 1901, while bound from Chile to Plymouth, carrying nitrates. The 1447 tonne ship lost her bearings and became stranded on the reef. She was blown apart by explosives as she had become a hazard to local fishing vessels. Parts of the wreck are strewn over a large area in about 7-8m of water. This wreck is an ideal second dive. It is also a good shore dive as the reef itself is very interesting. However, in recent years the wreckage has begun to be buried by moving sand.