LOCATION 50º.18.40N 004º.10.25W
DEPTH 28M to Bow 33M to seabed
LEVEL Sports Diver

HMS Elk was a 181 ton former Grimsby trawler built in 1902. She lies at 50.18.24N; 04.10.12W. In 1elk.gif(44235 bytes)915 she was hired by the Navy as a minesweeper and served until 1919, when she returned to fishing. In 1939 she was called up again and used as a dan-layer. On November 27th, 1940 was hit a mine and sank off Penlee Point and in her present position . She is in 27m of water, standing bolt upright and 5m proud, on a sandy bottom. She is 108ft long. Her port side is shows more damage than the other. She is home to some very large congers, as well as pouting and pollack. The Elk Reef which is 10m high runs parallel to the wreck, and is often mistaken for the wreck itself. The reef is covered in deadmens fingers and gorgonia, and makes an interesting dive should you miss the wreck!