LOCATION 50º.19.771N 004º.18.525W
DEPTH 32M to seabed
LEVEL Sports Diver
SLACK Can be dived at any state of Tide.

The SS Rosehill is often difficult to locate, but that makes it all the more interesting to dive

The SS Rosehill formally known as the Minster was an armed steam ship of some 2788 tonnes. It was torpedoed without warning on the 23rd of September 1917. .This wreck is extremely difficult to locate, and often enough the visibility is poor. The wreck is upside down and does not stand very proud of the seabed. A reef that runs rosehillgun.jpg (214466 bytes)parallel is often mistaken for the wreck. The only thing standing proud are the boilers, which protrude some 3m above the rest of the wreck. If you are willing to spend time locating the wreck, it is well worth a dive!