LOCATION 50º.10.750N 004º.15.950W
DEPTH 0 to 40M
LEVEL Sports Diver
SLACK 2.5 Hrs after H/L water Devonport

The Eddystone Reef is 9 miles from Penlee Point. It can easily be reached by RIB in about 40 minutes. There are strong currents in this area, so it is important to dive on neap tides. The depth goes from a few metres by the light house down to about 40m. There is a fantastic array of dead mens’ fingers as well as many sponges, fan corals and gorgonia. The water is normally exceptionally clear. Visibility of 20m plus is not uncommon. The Eddystone reef is easily found as it is marked by the Eddystone Lighthouse, which on a clear day can be seen from the shore.