Happy New Year, 2019 Dive Plan!

Happy New Year from all at East Cornwall Divers!

For the 2019 dive year, we are going to try something a little different, and put together an ‘advance plan’ for the neap weekends of the year.

Of course the weather will still dictate the final plan on the day, but the idea is to try and allow members to plan ahead for dates they might want to keep free, and to enable us to plan a little further ahead for some more adventurous day or weekend trips either our from our base in Torpoint, or taking the boat to launch a little further along the coast. We will also plan some trips from charter boats, for ultimate UK dive luxury!

Libby and Ash are finalising the plan with input from other club members and it will be published soon. They are looking for volunteer DMs for each of the planned weekends.

On the non-neap weekends, and weekday evenings, we’ll still run our usual local dives on a ‘best available dive’ basis, planned a few days in advance.

The plan is not set in stone so if you have any specific sites/areas you would like to dive this year, please contact Libby or Ash and we’ll find a good weekend to fit it into the plan 🙂

It’s 2019 – lets go diving!


East Cornwall Divers are fundraising! As you may have heard, our boat engine finally succumbed to 19 years of use, taking hundreds of divers from Cornwall and beyond on thousands of successful dives in and around the South West of England.

After determining that it was no longer economically viable to repair, we have raised more than half the funds we need for a new engine, but are still more than ÂŁ4000 short – and now we need your help!

View our fundraising page here!

As a non-profit making branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club, established almost 30 years, we hope that by securing donations through our fundraising scheme, including crowdfunding, we can continue to promote diving and the underwater environment in and around Cornwall for years to come.

Please take a look at our crowdfunding campaign and the rewards on offer.

Boat launched!

Thanks to several members including (but not limited to!) Austin, Trevor and Chris, remaining issues with the boat have been resolved – and yesterday it was launched and is back in the marina!

Lets go diving!

Boat update…

Thanks to all who attended on Saturday to help with the work on the boat.

It was a productive day – with some work remaining particularly on the electrical systems.

The new tubes look good and we now have improved grab handles and ropes along the side to make ‘getting back in’ even easier!

David C applying anti-fouling, Austin, Colin & James working on the electrics

New website live!

Our new website has launched! Aiming to encourage potential new members to get in touch, in addition to providing useful information about diving in Devon & Cornwall, our new website is much easier for members to contribute content to.

If you would like to contribute an article, trip report, photo or page, please get in touch with James who can set you up with access.